The Components of a Great Resume

Resumes are often the first impression you give a potential employer. Hiring managers who are sifting through numerous applications generally give a resume less than one minute before deciding whether they will take action on it. Your resume will represent who you are as a professional, so it is crucial that you make it count. Here are some things to remember to help you truly shine:


1. You want to be seen as an “achiever,” not simply a “doer.” Limit listing a variety of tasks you have performed. Instead, show people what you have accomplished (i.e. money saved, awards and accolades, exceeded goals by a certain percentage). Use numbers whenever possible. By quantifying your accomplishments, you paint a clearer picture of your aptitude, work ethic, responsibility, and productivity in a language that everybody understands.


2. Do NOT put “references are available upon request.” This will severely date your resume. Also, rather than an “objective” section, include a summary of your professional experience. Include powerful adjectives and consider using bullet points to make the information easier to absorb at first glance.


3. Illustrate the benefits that your job responsibilities have established. Instead of saying “created and maintained a medication database,” you can say, “created a database that improved patient safety.” This will help your potential employer understand what you can offer them.


Take a look at the following sample resume for ideas on how to make your resume stand out.

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