Searching Through Job Boards

Whether you are thinking about a career change or looking for your very first job, online job boards are an excellent way to start. You will have access to millions of job listings from all around the world. By hunting through different boards, you will draw from multiple resources, thereby widening your search and increasing your chances at landing a job. The opportunities are out there, you just need to find them. And those of us in the recruiting business rely heavily on the resumes which exist within these various job boards. Here are a few of the most popular job boards that will help you in your search: – Indeed is the most popular job search engine in the United States. Because Indeed is a “scraper site,” you as a job seeker can not only search listings aggregated from thousands of websites, you can also conveniently directly apply to jobs on the Indeed website.   

           – Being one of the largest job boards in the world, Monster gives you access to job listings all across the globe. It has comprehensive resources for job seekers, such as tools to fine-tune your resume and a salary calculator. – Unique to CareerBuilder, this job board also features a customized search based on keywords in your resume. This generates results that may potentially introduce you to jobs that you may not have otherwise considered. It also has plenty of resources like competition insight and personalized career tests that will help you ‘build’ your career. – This job board is constantly updated with new job opportunities. Its user-friendly mobile application has a ‘Simply Apply’ feature that allows job application with one simple touch.

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